Let Neil Johnson, President of International Merchant Services, Inc., share his 20+ years of experience in the ATM business and help you make your Automated Teller Machine business more profitable.

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The ATM business is a challenging business. Your easy-start guide guarantees to give you the proven pointers to build a profitable ATM business and get the results you want. You'll discover:

The ATM business:  ATM machines, Automated Teller Machines, Cash Dispensers, ATM processing, ATM Placement, ATM technology, Automatic Teller Machines, Bank machine, ATM regulations … the ATM business can appear confusing. Yet the opportunity is vast and growing. Cash dispensing automated teller machines have become a fast growing and highly requested service worldwide. Today your customers, clients (and perhaps your employees too), view an Automatic Teller machine as a necessary offering of convenience.

International Merchant Services, Inc., (IMS) has been a pioneer in the ATM Business helping clients buy new ATMs, service ATMs and provide the best in Automated Teller Machine technology for almost two decades. We at International Merchant Services, Inc. encourage you to base your decision on more than "just a machine."

International Merchant Services, Inc. is not just another ATM company; we are your value added partner. IMS will help you master the ATM business and make your new ATM business profitable and your ATM purchase affordable.

ATM machines are more economical and dependable than ever before. IMS can assist your ATM purchase from reliable manufacturers like Triton, Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle, and Genmega. International Merchant Services, Inc. sells ATMs and provides ATM maintenance and processing nationwide. Owning an ATM business requires a strategic partner that is dedicated to adding value every step of the way; from an ATM purchase to ATM Placement and Processing. As your value added partner, we facilitate your understanding of PCI compliance and the regulatory environment for ATMs.

Other value-adds include:  an extensive client reporting system to ensure your new or existing ATM business maximizes your profitability, registering with the most networks available which enables IMS to have the lowest transaction decline rate in the industry. International Merchant Services' ATM Processing gives you more ways to give your customers what they want and keep them coming back!

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